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How can I find out what is for sale or rent?

Each of the River Mill 51 units is individually owned. There is no central waiting list or office. Check with your realtor or use a real estate app to check for availability.

When were the units built?

The original stone buildings, the Mill and Annex, were built in 1854 and renovated in 1984. The 16 townhouse-style units were built between 1987 and 1997.

Who maintains the property?

Associa/HRW Management maintains the property at the direction of the River Mill Board of Directors.

How much are homeowner's dues?

River Mill monthly dues structure is based on a percentage of ownership formula. Each unit falls into one of ten levels depending upon the unit's approximate fair market value. Fair market value is calculated by a number of factors such as square footage, river view, location within the building, etc.

What is included in the monthly dues?

Among other things, drinking water, wastewater treatment, landscaping, trash disposal, a fire alarm system for the Mill, common area and exterior maintenance and repair.

What school district is River Mill in?

Students attend Wakefield Elementary, Middle or High School less than a mile away. The three schools opened in the fall of 1999.

How far is River Mill from Raleigh, Durham, Cary, RDU and RTP?

Using I-540 at Falls of the Neuse Road, downtown Raleigh, Durham, Cary, RDU, Cary and RTP are within 35 minutes under normal driving conditions.

How far is Falls Lake?

The lake and surrounding jogging, hiking and biking trails are only a quarter mile away.

What kind of wildlife can you expect to see?

Wildlife flourishes near the river and on Falls Lake. Eagle, heron, hawks, kingfishers, woodpeckers, ducks and other birds make their home here. Deer and beaver are plentiful as well as other small game. Hunting is not permitted.

Where can you launch boats?

Smaller boats, such as canoes and kayaks, can be launched directly into the river from River Mill. A canoe rack is available for light boat storage. The City of Raleigh's public canoe launch is just around the corner from River Mill. Larger craft may be launched directly into Falls Lake from wildlife ramps just a few miles away.

How deep is the river?

Although the river depth normally runs between one and two feet, it's subject to the discharge rate from Falls Lake. The water quality is very good and provides an excellent opportunity for nature watching, fly fishing, kayaking and sun bathing on the natural rock outcroppings that occur along the 800+ foot property frontage.

Does the river ever flood?

Of the four residential buildings at River Mill, only the Mill Building is affected by the 100- year floodplain. Based on the engineering elevation, no units in that building are actually subject to flooding. Only the mechanical units located to the rear of the building are at risk but are covered by flood insurance.

Is the property subject to City and County taxes?

River Mill is not annexed into the City and is subject only to Wake County taxes. The units in the two original Mill buildings received historic designation from Wake County and entitle their owners to a 50% reduction in property taxes.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are welcome at River Mill, provided they are fully supervised outdoors and that they don’t create a nuisance to other residents. Walking trails on or near the property add enjoyment for pets and owners alike.

Are there enough parking spaces?

Parking is designed to provide two spaces for each unit.

Which utility companies serve River Mill?

All units in River Mill are all electric, which is provided by Duke Energy Progress. Cable television is available through Spectrum Cable. Local landline telephone service is provided by CenturyLink. Due to the low-lying location of the Mill along the river valley, cellular phone reception can be sporadic, depending on the carrier.

What about water and sewer services?

Water is provided by the City of Raleigh. Sewage is treated by our private system. The costs are included in association dues. Waste-water discharge is monitored by periodic testing.

How about trash disposal?

A conveniently located dumpster is provided for residents to dispose of household refuse. Offsite recycling is available in two convenient locations: Convenience Center No. 8 on Highway 98, and Convenience Center No. 7 on Durant Road.

Can owners alter the interior of units?

Yes. Owners can remodel interiors provided that unit separation and structural walls are maintained in their original state, the owner has received all necessary building permits, and all work is inspected and approved by local building authorities.

Are laundry facilities provided?  

The Mill Building has a shared laundry facility on each of the three floors. All townhome units have individual washer dryer connections.

Where can you grill out?

River Mill must follow the Wake County fire regulations that prohibit grill use on decks or within 10 feet of the buildings. All residents have access to the area adjacent to the gazebo, a community shared facility with outdoor cooking facilities.

Can you reserve the gazebo?

Yes. The gazebo may be reserved by River Mill residents on a first come-first serve basis using the Reservations menu of the TownSq app. There's no charge provided the user cleans up afterwards.

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